Dr. Omololu Olunloyo, the previous legislative head of Oyo State,

could best be depicted as a reference book of information. Around four rooms in his Molete habitation have been changed over to the library with books on different controls. In this meeting, he talked on the condition of the country, Nigeria at 59 and the path forward for the nation among others. *Olunloyo AT 59, is this where Nigeria ought to be presently? No, in light of the fact that 1960 was an extraordinary year of trust in us. There was proof that it was a time of expectation. We figured we would have the option to improve this nation. I got my Ph.D. in 1960 with Professor Wole Soyinka.

I think we simply lost it en route. The First Republic was superior to the Second Republic, the second was superior to anything the third and the third is now showing itself to be superior to the fourth. All the more explicitly sir, what would you be able to state is the issue of the nation? The issues are voracity, defilement, sluggishness and I will say, undoubtedly, that initiative and followership. Both the pioneers and supporters are degenerate. When you have remuneration in the general public, both the supplier and the taker of the fix are both liable. We never realized it would be this awful. On the off chance that you take a gander at the nation’s guide, you can’t pinpoint a middle and draw a hover of 100 miles without discovering waterways, rich timberland, different normal assets not to discuss our huge HR.

A considerable lot of our residents who have left the shores of our nation to different nations have performed brilliantly there.

While we are as yet rehearsing low-level governmental issues, you can see that things are getting increasingly confounded and I am heartbroken about it. A few of us are not partakers of this defilement. We don’t have anything and we are not remorseful. I can say this intensely. Together, nothing is incomprehensible for Igbo – Onu(Opens in another program tab) Low-level governmental issues When Ribadu of the EFCC, examined the First Republic, he discovered three of us Yahaya Gusau (Minister of Agriculture), Adekunle Ajasin and I to have served the nation without defilement.

I am excellent in a certain something.

I have been in six services, one TSA, five confabs, 55 parastatals. I have been on the leading group of numerous organizations. All examination focuses have been under me yet I was pushed out in light of the fact that I was not on the side of defilement. I am embarrassed about the manner in which the nation has been and is being run. You referenced debasement similar to an issue of this nation. To what extent would we say we will sing this? Boss Olusegun Obasanjo battled this danger… He didn’t accomplish much. Numerous individuals recommended to him that we could take care of the issue of NEPA utilizing the European model yet he didn’t give us a shot. He attempted his best. He unquestionably needed a third term yet it was not beneficial. On account of Ken Nnamani. He is an intense man that can’t be pushed aside. He has more glory outside this nation than in the nation.

Obasanjo committed a couple of errors, placing Bola Ige responsible for power.

A man who was an Arts understudy. This present nation’s organizations have been demolished. At present, as I would see it, this nation is on a free fall in light of the fact that the president said with his mouth that if his clergymen have an issue they ought to experience the intrigue. That isn’t right. They ought to approach him constantly. On the off chance that they can’t get to him, they should meet the VP. One of the central purposes of this organization is debasement. Do you think it has accomplished much? What this organization has been doing is specific punity. They have been utilizing specific correctional measures. Indeed, even the individuals who are blameworthy of debasement have a standard system. A portion of these legislators are notable, they cover up under the overhang of the decision gathering and they have security yet that is extorting the nation and it isn’t great in any way.

Debasement is terrible, Islamization is awful, Fulanisation is awful. Do you see every one of these things in the nation?

I see them. Give me a chance to disclose to you something, I don’t think the government character is useful for this nation. In any case, I have an inclination that the Igbo are being dismissed in every one of the figurings that are going on. The Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba are followed in rivalry by the Ijaw. I don’t think the Yoruba have the ethical ideal to push the Igbo aside. There are brilliant men in Igbo land. Refined and profoundly taught, as Emeka Anyaoku and Philip Asiodu. They have added to the development of this nation. On the off chance that the Igbo are not given the following shot, I figure it will prompt the separation of this nation. On the fomentation of Hausa/Fulani to clutch control in 2023 I don’t comprehend the judiciousness behind that. They have been in power since the origin of Independence and military systems. There are four principle clans.

For what reason can’t other ethnic clans be president? 556 Nsukka flood unfortunate casualties get alleviation materials from Enugu state govt(Opens in another program tab) You’re not on the side of rotational administration? Some state it will be beneficial for us Yes, it won’t draw out the best, yet how might the individuals who are unsettling for it realize the best is from their region?.

That is the reason somebody said Nigeria is an unimportant land articulation.

We have not begun to structure a country. That is the reason on the off chance that somebody condemns them, they shut him up right away. Take a gander at Sowore, he required an upheaval however they paid attention to him as well. Law is not quite the same as the requirement of judgment. You need to go to court and request the requirement so you can procure your reward for all the hard work. Will we at that point say that the Federal Government is directly for not discharging him? They are not directly in anything. I am stating you need to authorize a judgment. The requirement is unique. That is the thing that occurred in Ibadan. Tokyo succeeded at the most noteworthy court however they never permitted him to appreciate the product of his triumph. Sowore is a little fry. What number of individuals know him? What rate did he get in the political race? They paid attention to him too as an understudy dissident.

They take part in hot talk yet they can’t realize what they are stating.

FAMILY PLANNING: Kogi most minimal in prophylactic utilization in Middle Belt — USAID(Opens in another program tab) Prof. Adebanji Akintoye was assigned by certain gatherings as Yoruba pioneer. Will he be broadly acknowledged? Generally acknowledged by who? Is it true that he is a government official? Does he have the experience? I don’t think he has enough understanding. There is no procedure of being designated. The post doesn’t exist. He doesn’t have the experience of Chief Ayo Adebanjo. They are making it a statutory post. What is your message to the nation at 59? We need remote help. We have to care more for the economy. Numerous individuals are enduring. It is on this that the future ages will have any expectation of a superior life. Individuals who are in charge of the undertakings of the nation should realize that they are serving the individuals and not themselves. Individuals are leaving the shores of this nation on account of the present condition of the nation.

Nigeria will flourish on the off chance that we can get a decent administration. We can’t flourish under tribalism and religious patriotism.

For what reason can’t the best originate from the South-South or South-East? The Hausas/Fulani and Yoruba have been obviously hoarding it. Is it that others fear Igbo? How are they scared of them? Release us into history. Out of the four noteworthy clans, who was the first to undermine with severance? It was the Northerners on March 31, 1953. Anthony Enahoro never moved an Independence movement as generally detailed. Ladoke Akintola moved the Independence movement.

Answer for administration issue Looks at Nkrumah in Ghana, Mandela in South Africa. It relies upon the nature of the individuals. We need to show our kin authority. Pioneers are not produced. We have to show our youngsters the correct things. There was a period we had National Development Plan, Seven-point motivation and a few others. What prompted their disappointment? They were not actualized. The constitution has the foremost targets of the state. We have never been straightforward. Anything we do, we do it for the thought process of benefit for our ethnic gathering. Minor land articulation This isn’t a nation however a gathering of different clans