Vocational Education
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Education is undoubtedly the key to a brighter future.

Many teenagers may be torn in making career choices at secondary school levels.
The right career choice is an important step regardless of what kind of person you are.
A career enables them to utilize their skills perfectly.
Besides when someone likes their career, i.e., are passionate towards it, they tend to do a tremendous job, this means growth and more profit to the community as well as the individual.
Vocational schools provides a place for those who are unsure of the career path to choose which will reduce the number of thugs in our streets and criminality will drop drastically.









Oh I remember vocational college (BEST CENTER WUKARI).
Vocational education is a training that equips students with practical experiences and technical skills in a specific field.












Also known as Career and Technical Education (CTE), vocational education prepares learners for jobs in manual and practical activities; a learner develops expertise in specific trade areas, crafts, and careers.
Craft vocational trades involves artisans, craftsmanship, welding; Zando Enoch is a graduate from Kwararafa University Wukari Taraba State but his vocational skill in welding makes him exceptionally different from other graduates that are hungry looking for job, plumbing, medical assisting, agriculture amongst others.









There are also high-end professions like engineering, accountancy, nursing, law, architecture, even though these disciplines have degree programs for specialization too.
Vocational education is offered at secondary or post-secondary level constantly combined with an apprenticeship-like system.
One may ask, is vocational education necessary?

Employers in this millennium prefer to hire people who have gone through vocational training since they are equipped with the necessary skills and practical experiences which means no spending of company’s money on training of staff.











Companies will invest in employees who already have something to bring to the table as opposed to those needing direction and guidance.
It saves the company a lot of Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Naira, etc and even time, seeing that they do not need on-the-job-trainings, unlike university graduates.
Hence, vocational training guarantees instant employment either by companies or self employment.
Companies realize improved gains when they hire a vocationally trained person over a university educated one.
Nobody need your university theories in production of goods and services all your employer need is results and vocational students tend to get it better.










Vocational education enables students to meet the demand of a working environment.

By: Apaji Ezekiel Danjuma