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The Comptroller General of Customs col. Hamid Ali, has suspended the provision of fuel (diesel and petrol) to filling stations at intervals twenty kilometres to any or all Nigerian borders.

He gave this directive to any or all commands through Chidi A, the Deputy Comptroller General enforcement, Inspection, and Investigation Customs, on Wed in Abuja.



The circular, dated November 6, 2019, titled, ‘EII/2019/Circular No. 027 Suspension of crude product provide To Filling Stations inside twenty Kilometers to any or all Borders’, addressed to “all zonal organizers, operation swift response, sector organizer one,2,3 & 4, customs space controllers, coordinators CGC strike force groups, coordinator, headquarters strike

It is safe to say that we are supporting broken youngsters seeking after the best?


force groups and every one marine commands, said, “The functionary of Customs has directed that henceforth no crude product despite the tank size is allowable to be discharged in any service station inside twenty kilometers to the border.

“Consequently, you’re to confirm strict and immediate compliance please.”