Controversial Onitsha-based cleric, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere popularly known as Prophet Odumeje, is in trouble at the moment on the social media after a video of his battle with native doctors went viral.

Prophet Odumeje earlier threw a purported ‘resurrection challenge’ to all native doctors a few weeks ago, to prove that their powers are fake. 

Prophet Odumeje in a viral video labeled all native doctors nationwide criminals, who are only after their monetary gain.

See video below;

Prophet odumeje aka the  Lion himself as he is fondly called by some, further stated that there is only one power and that, that power belongs to Jesus Christ.

Prophet Odumeje in the video called any native doctor who is willing to accept the challenge to meet him at a stadium, where two corpses will be brought forward while people would watch which one would resurrect, whether, the one that is given to him or the one given to the native doctor to also do the same.

Furthermore,the prophet odumeje revealed that he will forsake his pastoral calling if the native doctors win him in the contest.

Goldennewsng  learned that a native Doctor who is based in Delta State close to Anambra, where Prophet Odumeje operates, has accepted the challenge and volunteered to help other men in his profession make a scapegoat out of prophet Odumeje.


Meanwhile, Some Nigerians on social media  claim that  Prophet odumeje is also a “native doctor” hence should not tag native doctors as criminals on the ground that churches and pastors also make monetary gains from people like the native doctors do.