Popular sensational singer Timi Dakolo has shared a photo of him and his son on his Instagram wall and also revealed a secret discussion that they had with each other about life. Timi Dakolo and his wife Busola made headlines in 2019 after they jointly accused a popular pastor of one Pentecostal denomination of raping Busola while she was still a teen.

In the secret discussion which he personally released, his son asked him to buy a particular toy for him and wanted him to use his money to do that. Meanwhile the singer had saved up some money for his son and intended to buy the toy using the boys money but he refused.

Even when he tried to convince him about borrowing from his sons saving account to buy the toy since he cannot touch his savings at the moment, the boy refused arguing that it is children that should take care of their parent at old age so if he used up his savings on toys as a little boy, there will be nothing to take care of his parent when they are old.

The little boy also said that old men do not need money for anything and they have no future unlike young people so they should be the ones to spend their money on the young and watch the young take care of them at old age. The singer found his thought interesting and decided to share it with his fans on Instagram.

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