Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe is not much of a fan of religion but her actions recently has melted the hearts of religious fans across the country. The actress recently shared a photo that she took with a very popular pastor known as Prophet Odumeje AKA Indabosky.

The prophet Odumeje has been trending online for some time now. His confrontation with a herbalists is widely watched YouTube video. The prophet is known my many names by his followers because of the miracles and prophecies associated with him. From Liquid Metal, Indabosty to the Lion himself. His popularity has soared in recent times.

However, Mercy Aigbe in the photo that she added on her Instagram wall called him “the Lion himself” and sparked a controversy on whether she is now one of his followers. A happy looking Indabosky was seen smiling  head close to Mercy Agbe.

The actress even went ahead to take a photo with him. and it looked very good. Both Indabosky and the celebrity probably met in a shopping mall even though the actress said nothing about ow and where they met.

Many fans who have been hearing about Indabosky for some time were excited to see him with their favorite celebrity Mercy Aigbe.

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