One thing that many people like about the celebrity Naira Marley is that he is spontaneous and very exciting. As a singer he pulls a very large following among young people many of whom are proud to be called Marlians.

Many fans have been wondering how Naira Marley has been able to cope with the corona virus because he is known to be a party man who cannot be comfortable without attending some wild parties.

After many fans showered best wishes on him on his birthday, Naira Marley felt that that was no way to celebrate with his fans since they have been by his side all through. Therefore, he has decided to declare the 30th of May 2020 as Marlians day.

Marlians are lovers of party lie, drinking, smoking, sex and all manner of things which makes them to live care free lives according to Naira Marley. He has displayed this in his way of life and wants every youth to enjoy life to its fullest.

Naira Marley thinks that by the end of May the corona virus cases in Nigeria will have subsided to allow for a return to normal life. His followers cannot wait for all these to be over.

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