Celebrities do not always attract nonchalant and way ward folks. In fact most of their fans are seasoned personalities and champions in the respective ares of lives. That is the case with some of Nigeria’s celebrities like actress Chika Ike.

Many of her fans were attracted to her by her good looks and good sense of dressing while others follow her because of the craze for celebrity cultures. She has had her worst moments too especially when her marriage crashed but latest developments shows that her vision and dream of life was probably threatened by the failed marriage.

That is why she is soaring much higher than ever. Only a few fans are aware that Chika Ike has published three books. The actress shared a photo of the three published books on her Instagram handle asking fans to embrace the culture of reading. The post shocked many fans who think of her as nothing but a slay queen.

Slay queens are known to flaunt their bodies and sexy clothes online and are never intelligent to the extent of writing books like Chika Ike. They are endless fun seekers with no clear ambition in life but that has nothing to do with Chika Ike.

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