Nigerians love to watch comedy videos online especially on YouTube. They have been watching many of their favorite comedians on YouTube long before the corona virus led to the suspension of all form of gathering. Attending live shows was also considered very entertaining.

Fun lovers pay as much as a million naira just to attend live comedy shows and sit in front to be close to the stage where their favorite comedian will perform. But since the lock down and enforcement of social distancing laws, all comedy shows have been suspended indefinitely.

However, comedians have found ways to reach to their fans through online means such as YouTube. Comedian AY was the first comedian to organize an online show. he even went ahead to sell tickets online and had a large number of people in attendance. Many other comedians like WoliArole have also being having shows on YouTube.

For AY, his shows are now daily on his YouTube channel. Even though issues of poor network, power supply and even data for subscription can affect the enjoyment of such shows. Nigerians have been watching them and more people will soon join their favorite comedian online.

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