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When actress Mercy Aigbe appeared in stunning outfit and makeup she is very much admired by her fans on social media. Even though she has a wonderful sense of dressing and style, not everyone knows how she comes about her makeup.

Actress Mercy Aigbe’s photo has changed opinion on what many people think about celebrities and their makeup. Her photo shows that many celebrities do not know how to do makeup.

But the actress provided a hint recently when she shared a post on her Instagram handle telling her fans she is learning how to do makeup. The actress specifically learnt how to draw eye shadow on the eye brow.

She did not show who was teaching her but she described herself as the student as has learnt a lot about makeup. Applying makeup on the face seems easy but it is not because many celebrities who appear in beautiful makeup did not apply it by themselves.

Even the one applied in the photo that she shared did not look as superb like te ones that professional makeup artists have done. The actress has used this difficult period to start learning how to do it her self and many fans commended her efforts.

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