The problems caused by the covid19 pandemic has changed the way of life of many people especially in Nigeria where lock down has been implemented in some states. Lock down has been relaxed in some areas but it is not over yet. Many people are living lives that they should not be living because of the pandemic.

That is why Alibaba has told his fans that remaining in their comfort zones can make them miss trends. By trends he was referring to opportunities which does not always come to them when they are in their comfort zones. Alibaba himself has been working in and out of his comfort zone since the pandemic began.

While many people are idle, waiting for the government to declare the corona virus over so that can resume their normal activities, Alibaba has been working since the pandemic began even more than he was working before.

His concern and responsibility in helping Nigerians fight covid19 wit t5ye right information has earned him some roles such as the chairman of a covid19 creative industry group. He wants all his fans to learn from it.

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