Symptoms of Covid-19

The United Kingdom UK has added loss of smell and taste to Symptoms of Covid-19.

The UK’s chief medical officers adviced that anyone suffering loss of taste or smell, should now self-isolate for seven days to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

If the symptomatic person lives with others, they should stay at home for seven days, while all other household members should stay home for 14 days even if they do not have Symptoms of Covid-19.

The loss of smell or taste will now be listed alongside fever and cough as the main symptoms of Covid-19.

Although as at the time of filing this report, the NHS 111 coronavirus symptom checker has only listed high temperature and cough as the symptoms that require further action.

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Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, said the government’s top scientific advisers had carried out “very granular analysis” that indicated the addition would mean 94 per cent of cases were identified, up from 91 per cent based on screening only for a cough or fever.

It comes after a study led by Professor Tim Spector at King’s College London found that 59% of Covid-19 positive patients reported loss of smell and taste, compared with only 18% of those who tested negative for the disease.

These results were much stronger in predicting if somebody had coronavirus than if they reported fever.

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Speaking about the findings on April 1, Prof Spector called for the rules to change, saying: “When combined with other symptoms, people with loss of smell and taste appear to be three times more likely to have contracted Covid-19 according to our data, and should therefore self-isolate for seven days to reduce the spread of the disease.


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