An Instagram user known as We-crea8 has shared an image on his Instagram handle to depict what corona-virus is in Nigeria. Although he added no caption to the photo, it was very obvious that he meant to let his followers know that the best way to explain or see the corona virus in Nigeria is through the photo that he shared.

The photo showed the legs of a man resting on a wall but when followed downwards it shows the same legs resting comfortably on the ground. There are so many misunderstanding about the handling of the corona virus pandemic in Nigeria especially because the Nigeria Center for Diseases Control shows only figures which has now reached over 6000 confirmed cases.

The photo reflects the view of some Nigerians who are doubtful about the rising cases of the corona virus infection in Nigeria. However, it may be misleading as there are no facts on ground to prove that there is any truth i what the photo depicts about corona virus in Nigeria.

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