Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko

Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko

Among the popular motives for joining martial arts are family traditions. Sometimes such continuity of generations leads to the appearance in whole disciplines of whole related tandems. Given the popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA), we present the five most successful siblings in this industry. And it is important that we will talk about active athletes.

Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko

Based on the history of the Emelianenko brothers, you can make an exciting and box office movie. It is possible that someday such a thing will really appear. In the meantime, Russian fighters continue their professional paths, but their life paths, alas, have diverged. Now the joint mention of Emelianenko in the media usually comes down to the development of history with their conflict.

If we focus on the sports component, then both became significant figures in MMA. However, the role and status of Fedor in this regard is much more solid, not in vain he is often called the best fighter in history, especially in the context of heavy weight. The last emperor built an outstanding career and became an example for many future mixed martial arts stars. In autumn, the eldest of the Emelianenko brothers will turn 44 years old, and his farewell performance in Moscow is just around the corner.

Former trainer spoke about the first fight of Fedor Emelianenko in the circus

Alexander had no less potential, but certainly did not manage to realize it fully due to unsportsmanlike circumstances. But at least he did not yield to his brother in popularity and attention to his own person. In this component, Emelyanenko-average has noticeably added in recent years, at the same time becoming the star of social networks. It remains to wait for his return to the MMA fight against Magomed Ismailov after almost two years of inactivity (the fight with Mikhail Koklyaev was held according to boxing rules).

Also, the younger brother Ivan grew up in the Emelianenko family, but he did not get to professional performances. Both Fyodor and Alexander at different times attributed this to his lack of proper motivation.

Some of the most famous and odious fighters in UFC history were born in the criminal American city of Stockton. Of course, both had a difficult childhood with a lot of street fights and other hooliganism. Later, when the brothers had already become MMA stars, they repeatedly found traces of marijuana in their blood, which regularly turns out to be Dias’s companion for life.

At age 18, Nick – the eldest of the brothers – made his debut in mixed martial arts. He mastered this sport and in 2003 ended up in the UFC, from where he later left for several years. Diaz returned to the main promotion in 2011, after which he spent four fights, one of which was declared invalid. Nick managed to fight for the welterweight championship belt, but lost. The last time an athlete appeared in the octagon in 2015, however, did not officially end his career, and rumors of his return appear regularly.

Nate made his MMA debut in 2004, and in 2007 ended up in the UFC, where he still performs today. About eight years ago, he lost in the fight for the lightweight belt, but reached the peak of popularity later, moving to the welterweight division. In 2016, Diaz Jr. fought the Irishman Conor McGregor twice (victory and defeat), which brought the record-breaking number of paid broadcasts to the promotion. After that, Nate took a break from his speeches and returned last summer. Now the fighter takes the tenth place in the welterweight rating.

Antonina and Valentina Shevchenko

Antonina and Valentina Shevchenko

The only sisters on our list are very popular in the post-Soviet space. Friendly girls are natives of Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), but they also consider Russia and Peru to be their native countries. Shevchenko became the first sisters to speak at the UFC.

Despite the status of the youngest, Valentina managed to achieve more impressive sports achievements. An athlete nicknamed Bullet has built an impressive career in Thai boxing and developed it in mixed martial arts. Shevchenko made her debut in the UFC at the end of 2015, and three years later she became the champion in flyweight. At the moment, Valentina defended her title three times and takes third place in the UFC women’s ranking, regardless of weight category.

Antonina tried herself in MMA in the first half of zero, but then left this sport for more than a decade. In 2017, Panther returned to mixed martial arts and soon moved to the UFC, where she suffered her first loss in her career. But Shevchenko Sr. has more victories, and therefore she takes 12th place in the ranking of the easiest promotion division.

Anthony and Sergio Pettis

These guys, having Puerto Rican and Mexican descent, were born in the USA. Reynaldo’s older brother grew up in their family, but he did not become a professional athlete.

Anthony (middle) began his career in mixed martial arts in 2007 and soon ended up in the UFC. In the summer of 2013, the athlete became the champion in lightweight promotion and managed to defend the title once. In the future, Pettis also fought for the temporary belt of the welterweight division, but to no avail. Over the years of his career, Anthony has established himself as one of the most spectacular fighters of the UFC, justifying the nickname Showtime (Show Time). Now the American takes 15th place in the welterweight rating.

Sergio made his MMA debut in 2011 and, after a couple of years, came to the UFC undefeated. The youngest of the brothers played in the lightest and lightest divisions, but did not get to the title match in any. Last year, Pettis left the UFC and moved to Bellator, where he managed to win the first fight.

Patrick аnd Patricio Freire

Prominent Brazilian brothers use the nickname Pit Bull together. Patricio, one of the best featherweight in the world, justifies him more effectively. The youngest from Freire owns the Bellator belt in this division, and in addition is the champion of the promotion in the light category. Patricio has been acting under the auspices of the organization for ten years, and his career has been going on since 2004.

Patrick started his career in MMA a little later – in 2005. A year after his brother, he came to Bellator, where he once fought for the lightweight title, but lost. At the end of last year, Freire Sr. tried his hand at the Japanese promotion Rizin, but lost the final of the Lightweight Grand Prix to Azerbaijani Tofig Musaev.

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