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10th place. Maniche Danny (Dynamo) – 13 matches, 2 goals

This brilliant midfielder, who won a scattering of titles from Porto in his career, and also appeared in Chelsea and Inter, played nothing for Dynamo, and even in the Dark Ages, but Maniche’s skill level does not allow to forget about this footballer who got tired of Russia very quickly. Nevertheless, the Portuguese managed to score goals in the goal of Rubin and Alania, and also wore the Dynamo Danny captain’s armband in a couple of matches.

9th place. Ugu Almeida (“Kuban” and “Anji”) – 27 matches, 7 goals

Prior to moving to the RPL, Almeida had successful runs in the championships of Germany and Turkey, where the Portuguese striker played for Werder Bremen and Besiktas, respectively, and he also spent more than fifty meetings for the Portuguese national team and scored 19 goals. In general, Ugu was a very status forward for Kuban and Anzhi, which, alas, did not enchant, but also did not spoil impoverishment. I especially remember the winning goal of Almeida for the “Kuban” in the semifinal of the Cup of Russia against CSKA.

8th place. Ricardo Alves (Orenburg) – 34 matches, 6 goals

One of the leaders of today’s “Orenburg”, a footballer with a beautiful left foot, who did not lose his grip in the second season in the RPL. Ricardo participated in productive actions in two victories over Spartak, and he not only scores, but also distributes passes, as befits an attacking midfielder. Alves is not old yet – he is 27 years old (by the standards of the RPL – almost a junior), so we will not refuse the Portuguese a chance to be in a more serious club of our Premier League for a couple of years.

7th place. Fernando Meira (Zenit) – 53 matches, 1 goal

Meira won the league title in the Bundesliga with Stuttgart, then with Galatasaray in the Turkish Super League and finally made a contribution to the 2010 Zenit gold. Fernando arrived in St. Petersburg after 30 years and was not a long time player of the Zenit starting lineup, but left a mark on the RPL, albeit not the deepest among his compatriots.

6th place. Luis Neto (Danny) – 175 matches, 1 goal

Nope played for Zenit, then sat on a bench, then went on a business trip to Fenerbahçe, but in the end he “raided” 175 matches in six years – most of the Portuguese in the RPL are only at Danny. In addition, Luis, a two-time champion of Russia, won titles at Andre Villas-Boas and Sergei Semak. Although this defender in Zenit could mainly count on supporting roles, for his long service, Luis Netu deserves a rather high position in the top.

5th place. Marcio Abreu (Krasnodar) – 95 matches, 9 goals

Krasnodar found this underestimated midfielder in Bulgaria, and during the first three seasons of the “bulls” in RPL, Marcio first determined the team’s face in midfield with Drinchich, later playing in the company of Gazinsky, Mamaev and Pereira. Over three seasons, an efficient central midfielder played 95 matches for Krasnodar, in which he scored 9 goals and handed out as many assists.

4th place. Eder (Lokomotiv) – 83 matches, 13 goals

Not the most skilled and not the most stable striker, but he has the exceptional ability to score important goals. It was Eder who, in an unusual manner, stuck the ball into the gates of the French team in the extra time of the Euro 2016 final and made the European champion who injured Cristiano Ronaldo jumping on the brow, Eder scored the Golden Goal in the Lokomotiv championship season, when at the very end of the match brought the railroad victory over the Zenith. In the Loko gold campaign, the Portuguese scored 4 goals, 3 of which were victorious.

3rd place. Bruno Alves (Zenit) – 101 matches, 3 goals

Zenit paid € 22 million for Bruna Alves in 2010, and the Portuguese defender helped the blue-white-blue win two championships in Russia and the Super Bowl. Alves’s career is impressive: he has been playing professionally with danny for over 20 years, at the dawn of his career he overcame a series of rents until he deserved the chance to prove himself at Porto. Bruno received his first call to the national team at the age of 26, at 35 became the European champion and played for Portugal for a couple of years, collecting 96 matches and 11 goals. Now Alves is 38, and he is not going to tie with football, at least until next year, and is a key player in the strong middle peasant of Serie A Parma.

2nd place. Manuel Fernandes (Lokomotiv and Krasnodar) – 156 matches, 36 goals

Fernandes started this spring in the starting lineup of Krasnodar, already managed to score a couple of important goals for the bulls, however, Manuel is still associated with Lokomotiv, with which he won three Russian Cups and the 2017/18 championship, which he claimed for the title of best player of the season. But at some point Fernandes appeared in the back of Lokomotiv and fought against Smorodskaya, but then Semin came and made the Portuguese a club star in successful seasons.

1st place. Miguel Danny (Dynamo and Zenit) – 369 matches, 88 goals

Danny is one of the best RPL football players regardless of nationality, statistics and titles eloquently emphasize the success of Miguel, who won 8 trophies with Zenit, including three championships and the UEFA Super Cup, and the fight for the European trophy with Manchester United was the debut for Danny in Zenith ”, And he scored the winning goal against the“ Red Devils ”and was recognized as a player of the match. To the 88 goals mentioned opposite the last name add 101 “assists”. Miguel is the main Portuguese in the RPL, there is no doubt about it.



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