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No need to litter the brains with traditions


MOSCOW, May 26 – RIA Novosti. Commentator and sports journalist Vasily Utkin commented on the transfer of Spartak midfielder Ayaz Guliyev to the second team of Muscovites.

On Monday, it became known that Guliyev left the location of the main team at the training camp in Tarasovka, Moscow Region, and was transferred to Spartak-2. The media reported that the midfielder violated discipline and behaved improperly at a team meeting.

Story of Guliyev is depicted as extremely indicative of the Spartak team.

The guy was transferred to the second team for not just rudeness towards the coach. He was marked out as idiotic, obviously with roots, with a personal implication scandal with beating a pedestrian. I wrote a friend whom I will not name that the guy was always rude to the staff. There are such people. Sometimes it goes away with age. It seems that it will not go away, and it’s not that I don’t believe in people, but it’s not the first case with Ayaz after the attack on a pedestrian, but it happened on amid the infamous Kokorin / Mamaev trial, a case in which villains taught the life of hooligans, Guliyev walked a few steps from the prison. When such lessons are in vain … What then are needed? ” – Utkin wrote in his Telegram channel.

“Guliyev is an adult,” Utkin continued. “He doesn’t know how to live in decent society, he will live in indecent. If he doesn’t learn how to behave. I still hope that the law on domestic violence will be reviewed and it won’t end exactly where it’s going I’m talking about Spartak. A guy in a club, if publicly available data doesn’t lie, is five years old. What can be unclear about him to the club where he grew up? But Spartak spent twice on it. First growing, then selling and “At this point, the sports director should have been obliged to make inquiries and get a dossier with examples from the life of pages twenty. That should have been enough to discourage from the passionate desire to invest in such a player even such a notorious alarmist as Kononov.”

Guliyev left the Spartak camp and transferred to the second team

“But they couldn’t. And the only question arises. If the club can’t figure out the person who has been training since the age of five. If so. Then why the hell is this academy? Why the hell is that all? Even a goat doesn’t take a button accordion a second time. Do scouting “You don’t have to litter your brains with traditions, traditions don’t use themselves, brains are needed here. Hands are lowered by such a conclusion. Because this is an anecdote. This is Krylov’s fable and not many years of work,” Utkin added.

Guliyev spent 11 matches in the Russian Premier League in the 2019/20 season and was not marked by productive actions.

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