It is time that people beam the searchlight on the new found friendship developing between celebrities Tacha and controversial fashion star Bobrisky. What is happening between them although not clear to public knowledge seems to be a principle of friendship playing out.

It is said that birds of the same feather flock together and Tacha seems to be as controversial as Bobrisky. Tacha is an ex-member of the Big Brother Naija house who was disqualified for fighting in the house with Mercy. She is known to be proud and ambitious.

Bobrisky is equally a controversial figure. He is man by name Idris Okuneye who has made it his life ambition to become a lady. He has had some body enhancement surgeries in Dubai under the guidance of actress Tonto Dikeh who is also one of his close friends

They have both not been seen together but Tacha’s latest Instagram post indicates that the two celebrities are fond of each other. Tacha had greeted her fans good evening on Sunday morning just like Bobrisky did. She added that if Bobrisky says it’s evening then it is evening.

Many celebrities try as much as possible to avoid anything to do with Bobrisky but those who are bold enough to talk about him on their accounts are considered his friends,

Tacha: Goodevening to you!! If @bobrisky says it’s evening then it’s evening ooh!!”

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