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It is no longer news that popular Real Estate billionaire Hushpuppi is in the custody of the FBI an American investigation body for allegedly defrauding the American government.

Many of his fans on Instagram quickly deserted him as soon as the news of his arrest broke. Even the Nigerian government spoke about it and he has been widely condemned.

However the only visible support that he got on social media was from controversial cross dresser Bobrisky who criticized Nigerians for benefiting from his giveaways while failing to stand with him in this difficult times.

It is possible that Hushpuppi was even arrested by the FBI long before Nigerians got the news. For over one week before his arrest, he stopped making post on Instagram.

Hushpuppi identifies himself on instagram as a real estate developer and he warned that he is only on snap chat and Instagram warning his fans that he is not on tinder, twitter or Facebook. At the time he made his last post, he was in Dubai.

His post showed that he felt that some people are planning some sinister things against him It is very possible that Hushpuppi knew that he was under investigation before his arrest. However, his confidence that God will same those who want him to be disgraced was shattered following his arrest.

His fans many of whom have fled his profile are scared that he may have to serve a long jail term. His arrest which drew criticisms was said to be an embarrassment to Nigerians in the international scene.

His last post speaks volumes and it had a negative sign because long before then he was busy helping fans and telling them to stay safe from covid19.

Below is his last post on Instagram;

Hushpuppi: “May success and prosperity not be a “once upon a time” story in your life Thank you lord for the many blessings in my life continue to shame those waiting for me to be shamed”.

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