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A photo of Bobrisky dressed in male attire to his father’s birthday party drew media reactions from may people especially his critics many of who have been calling for sanctions against him for his crossdressing. Meanwhile, others have praised him declaring that he is only a businessman who is doing well in the fashion world.

Some think that his father approves his cross-dressing since he still maintains a cordial relationship with Bobrisky even after all the controversy that he has caused. But on his Instagram handle,Bobrisky never made mention of the alleged male dressing, he only shared a photo of a cake that was made for his father’s birthday.

He also had a note of warning for those who were saying all sorts of things about him on the internet claiming that so many men are dying to be with him. also made fun of ladies that attack him often saying that their husbands enjoy the moments that they spend with him.

Although his claims can’t be verified since no notable man has been found dating him, the controversial crossdresser seemed very confident that many men are dying to be with him. Bobrisky is often drawing attention due to his activities and behavior on social media.

Many people still think that Bobrisky is not normal and they will keep going all out to defame him. The celebrity hopes that in the future society will accept him for who he is but not everyone thinks so.


Have you seen me in person ? I fine die. Ask those people who has met me in person. Oh you think is easy for a man to buy you a house in lekki, forget wat internet write about me ur husbands and boyfriends are all in my dm begging. Keep hating while I share ur husband money with u CODED. I don’t talk too much. All I do is make you look stupid.


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