Lock down and measures put in place in Nigeria to curb the spread of the corona virus have affected businesses and many big companies leading to loss of jobs but Nigerian farmers are not affected. The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari since its inception has been calling for an agricultural revolution.

While most people reject agriculture and seek white coll jobs in major cities in the country, Agriculture is left for a few farmers. Nigerian farmers are mainly local villagers many of whom lack the knowledge of modern agriculture.

However, some state governments have made tremendous progress in promoting agriculture long before the corona virus came and supporting Nigerian farmers.

When the federal government declared a lock down in major affected states they allowed free movement for essential workers such as medical doctors, and journalists. Nigerian farmers were also considered as essential workers and they are allowed free movement.

Thousands of people are complaining of job loss and inability to go to operate their businesses but farmers have been left out of this. Many of them in villages and remote communities are still going to the farm and doing a lot of agricultural activities.

Nigerian farmers did not feel the lockdown and their crops on the farm are getting ready for harvesting for those that used irrigation. The central bank of Nigeria has also been supporting farmers in this difficult period with soft loans.

The government’s initial plan to distribute palliatives to Nigerian generated so many issues as some government officials were accused of sharp practices. It generally failed so the government had to ease the lockdown to allow Nigerians to find a means of livelihood.

Nigerian farmers though affected in some ways are the best set of business-people at this time since their products will be in high demand nationwide. They will also continue to get favors from the Nigerian government at all levels.


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