Regina Daniels

People who are expecting the marriage of popular actress Regina to have marital problems may have a long wait as the actress seems to be enjoying her time with Ned Nwoko’s big family. Regina Daniels appeared in a new photo shared on her Instagram handle and also on the Instagram handle of her husband.

Ned Nwoko appeared to have many other children many of whom are still very young. Rumors say that her billionaire husband has 5 other wives apart from Regina Daniels and they also have children.

However, her child will be the most popular of all because she is an actress that is widely known in the movie industry and nationwide too. Critics of her marriage to Ned had speculated that the marriage will end up in crisis but it seems that the billionaire has a way of managing his family.

Many fans were struck when the photo was released because of Regina Daniels who was in the midst of many of eds children. They were in a private jet and were heading to an undisclosed location. Following the lifting of lockdown in many parts of the world, tourists and travel lovers have resumed their fun practices.

The coronavirus which led to the closure of many travel destinations and airports around the world. Even in Nigeria airplanes need special permission to fly because of the pandemic.

In the photo which has now gone viral online Regina Daniels hid her baby bump which she has bee displaying on Instagram for a while. She got one of Ned’s children to stay in front of her and no one could see it.

Many fans have also concluded that the photo is an old one but there was no caption or write up to prove that it was recent. call that billionaire Ned Nwoko reportedly went on a trip recently without taking Regina Daniels along because of her pregnancy.


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