Donald Trump Condemns Supporters Attack On US Capitol Hill (Video)

The President of the United States of America Donald J Trump has accused the opposition Democrats for trying to massively rig the forthcoming November election. Trump began a vigorous campaign ahead of the elections after he came to the conclusion that the Democratic party was exploiting the “black lives matter movement”.

The black lives matter movement began after the brutal killing of a black man George Floyd. Thousands of people trooped to the street to denounce what has been termed racism in America. They argued that the American police treats black people badly and have murdered many of them.

Donald Trump decided to raise the alarm because he thinks that the ongoing electoral process is flawed because millions of ballots are being sent across America. He has also claimed that the Democrats are far lefts who are trying to destroy the America values. Protesters of the black lives matter movement have been destroying status across America, looting businesses and attacking law enforcement agents and the police.

The blacks and other races in America are a small minority compared to the whites who are more drawn to Donald Trump rallies. His rallies have been very exciting with the call to take back America from the Democrats that have been hanging around trying to destroy the American heritage.

Many Americans have also questioned the action of the present in organizing mass rallies for is reelection in view of the high rate of covid19 infection in America. Donald Trump had criticized the democrats for using the black lives matter protest for political reasons.

He explained how they violated social distancing and many were seen without a face-mask on. In view of that Trump decided that he will go on with his political rallies. He claims that the high infection rate reported in the media was just because USA was doing more covid19 test than any other country in the world.


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