Black Lives Matter

A 6-year-old girl identified as  Journei Brockman, was kicked out of daycare because she wore a shirt that had “ Black Lives Matter ” written on it.

According to reports, the mother Journei Brockman ”Deval Brockman”, from Russellville, Arkansas, who said her daughter has been attending daycare at “His Kids Preschool” for six months, only to be told last Friday, that she could not return.

Speaking with FOX16, she said her daughter’s school called her last Thursday, June 25 to reveal that they didn’t “like” or “agree”” with the shirt, (Black Lives Matter)  they also urged her not send her daughter to the school wearing it again.

The mother also  said she reported the complaint to state officials and she was told that her daughter could wear the shirt unless it contained profanity.

Journei Brockman returned to the preschool last Friday, wearing a different shirt with an image of a raised fist printed on the back, which is the Black Lives Matter symbol. When Deval Brockman picked her daughter up at the end of the day, she was told her daughter was no longer welcome at the school. An employee allegedly said that the shirt was encouraging racism.

She claimed that a school director also told her,

“I am not going to tell you how to raise your child, but you need to reevaluate how you’re parenting her.”

“It’s not political, it’s everyday life, it’s all over the news. Right is right and wrong is wrong,” Brockman said.

Furthermore, GoldenNewsNg Understands that  Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. History.

According to report gathered, Precise turnout at protests is difficult to count and has led to some famous disputes. An amalgam of estimates from organizers, the police and local news reports often make up the official total.

But tallies by teams of crowd counters are revealing numbers of extraordinary scale. On June 6, for example, at least 50,000 people turned out in Philadelphia, 20,000 in Chicago’s Union Park and up to 10,000 on the Golden Gate Bridge, according to estimates by Edwin Chow, an associate professor at Texas State University, and researchers at the Crowd Counting Consortium.


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