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All is not well in the government House in Ondo state after the governor of the state Oluwarotimi Akeredolu tested positive for the deadly Covid19. The state has been in bitter politics since after it was reported that the deputy governor of the state decamped to the opposition party in his attempt to contest against his boss in the forthcoming state governorship election.

Since then the ruling party has been in crisis as many stakeholders have tried to work against the state governor who is largely considered not to be in good terms with the party members. Akeredolu is a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) that was unanimously elected after defeating the then Peoples Democratic Party and its candidate Eyitayo Jegede about four years ago.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu failed to deliver his state Ondo to the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the 2019 presidential election and many of his supporters fear that he may also fail to win his second term bid.

Bt others have argued that it is the APC that is generally in crisis and not just Ondo state since the same scenario almost played out in Edo state though in a different way.

One would have described it as merely a party crisis if the deputy governor did not decamp to the opposition party. However, governor Rotimi Akeredolu has vowed never to hand over the affairs of the state to the rebellious deputy governor who he feared might try to usurp power by all means.

The deputy governor of Ondo state Agboola Ajayi has also been clamoring that since his boss is down with Covid19, he should become the acting governor of the state until he recovers.

He has even gone ahead to issue a 21 days ultimatum to the governor to hand over power to him or face legal action. Covid19 is a dangerous disease that has killed many prominent people in Nigeria.

The elderly and those above age 50 with underlying health conditions face a greater risk of developing complications from the infection.


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