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A Nigerian Facebook user named Edward Williams who lives in London has affirmed that Covid19 is very real. He claimed that he was on a ventilator for three weeks on oxygen for two weeks. He made the claim while reacting to the news that the governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Bello reportedly described the Covid19 pandemic as a hoax.

Many prominent people in the country have tested positive for the coronavirus and there have also been over 500 recorded deaths. However, there are still doubts among some Nigerians on the reality of the Covid19 pandemic which has claimed many lives around the world.

Prominently among evangelicals in Nigeria, Covid19 is seen as a form of social control to manipulate the people. They also consider it as an anti-Trump agenda.

Evangelicals both in Nigeria and America share similar views claiming that the pandemic is likely a hoax or something manufactured to destabilize the world as championed by popular Nigerian televangelist Pst Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love world Inc.

But this is the first time that a prominent Nigerian and state governor will be alleged to have made a statement of this nature. As controversial as his claims are Edward Williams claims that he battled Covid19 on ventilators for three weeks and oxygen for two weeks was a major challenge to Governor Yahaya Bello Nigeria’s acclaimed youngest governor who thinks that it is a hoax.

The health sector in Kogi state has also suffered due to his doubt as many residences of the state live as if there is no coronavirus. Apart from schools, public places were not closed when many parts of the country were on lockdown.

The Federal medical center in Lokoja has also decried a lack of protective equipment and has threatened to shut down operations in the state if they are not provided with safety equipment. Medical personnel also face a high risk of infection especially in a state where covid19 is called a hoax.

The federal government seems not to be giving due attention to the state because the state government has failed to acknowledge the threat posed by it in the state which is very close to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital which has thousands of cases.

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