Tacha Finally Blames Her Background for Her Bad Behavior

As the countdown to the BBNaija 2020 intensifies the participants at the 2019 edition have been having their reunion and trying to resolve some unsettled issues in the past edition. Tacha was also on the table because of her perceived negative relationship with other housemates before her disqualification.

At the recent reunion of the Big Brother Naija housemates of 2019, the controversial celebrity Tacha made some revelations about why she seems proud and self-confident.

She was quizzed by other housemates on why she was overly defensive and isolated during the 2019 show. It is noteworthy that Tacha was considered quarrelsome.

She fought with most of the housemates and had no friends. Her fight with another housemate named Mercy led to her disqualification from the show. Mercy went on to win the 2019 edition.

However, many fans and housemates continued to see Tacha as a proud and self-centered person until she was forced to explain herself to fans.

In the reunion anchored by the famous BBNaija host Ebuka the celebrity shared with other housemates present that it was her background that made her proud and defensive.

She revealed how she lost her mom when she was just 17 years old and had to face life as an orphan all by herself.

According to her, her mom supported her to be a better person when she was alive and the responsibility rested solely on her when her mom died.

She explained that it was because of her sad background that she became very defensive of herself.
However, not all housemates agreed with her explanations because they felt that some people have a worse story yet they are not too self-defensive or proud like her.

Tacha even apologized to all the 2019 housemates claiming that she never apologized to anyone but she has changed.

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