Nigerians are still shocked at the sudden demise of her First Female fighter jet pilot Tolulope Arotile who was only 23 years old. he amazing military personal was said to have died in a road accident after seeing a former school mate. But some Nigerian think that there is more to her death.

Her family were also said to be unsure of the story that led to the shocking death of their daughter as reported by Sahara reporters who claimed that a source from the family and her elder sister described the so called accident as a freak accident. The want the Air force to do a thorough investigation into the real cause of her death.

Meanwhile, the military has concluded plans to organize a full military funeral and honor for Tolulope Arotile. Among members of the public in Nigeria, it is considered unusual for a female to go into  military service. Some people consider it as an all male affair.

However, Tolulope Arotile’s courage inspired many other females 11 of which are being trained in many parts of the world to become fighter jet pilots. The circumstances surrounding her sudden demise will remain a mystery to many people in Nigeria who are finding it hard to believe the report of the military that she died of road accident.

As people earnestly wait to see what happens after investigations are concluded into the actual cause of her death, all eyes will be on televisions in major stations across the country to follow the funeral to be organized by by the Nigerian military in her honor as the first Nigerian female fighter jet pilot.

The consolation that some people have is that she was able to achieve something that most people far older than her could not achieve at the tender age of 23. Nigerians will always remember her bravery and service to her father land.

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