Nigerian Policeman Smoking Shisha

A  Video Of Nigerian Policeman Smoking Shisha While On Duty has surface the internet

GoldenNewsNg  reports that a video showing a middle-aged man believed to a police officer of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) smoking shisha and drinking alcohol while on the uniform emerged on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

The Nigerian Policeman in his uniform could be seen heavily smoking shisha in a 56 seconds video in an undisclosed location while taking alcohol as the eyewitness who captured the embarrassing moment watched on.

In the video, the eyewitnesses who captured the embarrassing event on camera could be heard mocking the man in what sound like slangs in pidgin English, saying “E no sabi smoke sef, E go kill himself o…”

Watch the video of Nigerian Policeman Smoking Shisha  below…


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