MTN  Data Plans and Activation Codes

MTN is one of the largest internet communication service providers in Nigeria and as such, their data plan bundles and subscription codes are changed on a regular interval to suit their core business objectives and also ensuring customers/internet users get the right value-added service.

Being the telecom network with the wildest 3G & 4G internet coverage in Nigeria, you can enjoy her services on your 3G or 4G mobile phone within the country.

MTN Data Plans in 2019 recorded the highest share of patronage from internet users compared to other service providers like Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile. Meanwhile, let’s see the changes on MTN data plan in Nigerian for 2020.

This article will guide MTN data users on bundle price, codes, how to activate data plans including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and Yearly. It all depends on your budget, internet device, and the amount of data you need to complete an online task.

Reading through will also help you on how to check your MTN Nigeria data balance, bonuses, cheapest, unlimited data plan, and more you need to know.

List of MTN Data Plans , Price, And Activation Codes for IOS (iPhone), Android Phones, and Modem Devices Users in Nigeria.

They offer a wide range of data bundles that vary in price but suitable and most likely for everyone. So here is the list of MTN Nigeria mobile data plans alongside their prices and activation codes.

Note if you aren’t using any of these MTN Nigeria data bundles, you will be charged on Pay as You Go browsing for 5 Kobo per kilobyte which may is expensive in a long run or carrying out heavy internet activities.

Latest Daily MTN Data Plan Codes

25 MB Daily plan

25 MB Daily plan

This data bundle might look small but are suitable for internet tasks that will not consume large amounts of data, but little like chatting on WhatsApp or for an emergency purpose when you go out of data and left with a tiny budget.

MTN data plan code 50 Naira for 25 MB Daily, text 114 to 131 to subscribe valid for 24 hours and it is the lowest data package.

75MB Daily Plan


You can use this with lightweight browsers like opera mini to access search engines like Google, Bing, and more for quick research.

To subscribe MTN data plan 75MB for 100 Naira, text code 104 to 131 valid for 24 hours.

1GB Daily Plan

1GB data plan may sound impressive especially for those on a 3G internet device and is the best MTN 24 hours data plan likely to consume lesser data than 4G LTE devices.

To subscribe MTN data plan 300 Naira for 1GB, SMS code 155 to 131 valid for 24 hours.

You can use this data bundle conveniently on your smartphone device and even sharing a hotspot on your PC or computer for internet activities. And possibly for downloading small files.

Latest MTN 2-Day Data Plan Codes

200MB 2-Day Data Plan

To get activated, text 113 to 131 for MTN 200 Naira 2-day data bundle valid for 48 hours.

Note it is not an Unlimited data bundle for 2days, but it takes 48 hours to expire if you’re unable to finish it on a little online task like WhatsApp messaging or little internet surfing on the first day of activation.

2GB Data plan for 2 Days

2GB Data plan for 2 Days

You can as well use this data bundle on IOS, Android devices, Laptop with Modem. To get a good value for this, use on a lightweight browser like UC Web and turn off automatic updates to reduce bandwidth.

Subscribe to MTN data plan 500 Naira for 2gb by SMS code 154 to 131 valid for 48 hours

Latest MTN Weekly Data Plans, Prices, and Codes in Nigeria

350MB Weekly plan

To get started, it will cost you N300 by texting 102 to 131 valid for 7 days. This data bundle plan is suitable for small internet browsing activities like getting an update on Small devices or gadgets.

1GB Weekly Data Plan

To get activated on 500 Naira MTN 1gb weekly data bundle that will allow you to do more, SMS code 142 to 131 valid for 7 days.

6GB Weekly Data Plan

With this, you can stay a bit okay on the internet with your iPhone, Android phone, sharing hotspot to your Laptop, or better still with a Modem.

6gb MTN data plan code for 1500 Naira subscription is, text 143 to 131 valid for 7 days.

750MB Weekly Data Plan

This data package is relatively not for heavy internet activities if you aim to use it for a whole week. To Subscribe MTN data plan 500 Naira for 750MB, SMS code 103 to 131 valid for 14 days.

Latest MTN Nigeria Monthly Data Plans

MTN 1.5GB Monthly Data Plan

This MTN data bundle is suitable for those who browse the internet once a while, because it may not last 30 days for those who are internet freak and using a 4g LTE.

MTN data plan code for 1000 Naira 1.5gb monthly, text 106 to 131 to get activated valid for 30 days.

MTN 2GB Monthly Data Plan

Text 130 to 131 to get activated at the cost of 1200 Naira valid for 30 days.

MTN 3GB Monthly Data Plan

This is the most common data bundle among average internet users.

To subscribe MTN data plan 3gb for 1500 Naira, text code 131 to 131 valid for 30 days.

MTN 4.5GB Monthly Data Plan

This monthly bundle offers more value, to subscribe MTN data plan 2000 Naira for 4.5gb text 110 to 131 for 30 days.

MTN 6GB Monthly Data Plan

This data package offers those purchasing monthly data extra value.

To subscribe MTN data plan 2500 Naira for 6gb, SMS code 141 to 131 valid for 30 days.

MTN 8GB Monthly Data plan

This data bundle would have been most likely for the monthly data internet user because of its value-added. But it currently not available for subscribers.

MTN 10GB Monthly Data Plan

Use the subscription code by texting 107 to 131 for 3500 Naira valid for 30 Days.

MTN 15GB Monthly Data Plan

To get started, text code 116 to 131 for 5,000 Naira valid for 30 days. You can afford to share with family and friends through MTN Data gifting.

MTN 20GB Monthly Data Plan

This is quite impressive to download and install large files. But the currently not available for MTN users.

MTN 40GB Monthly Data plan

Quite awesome for internet freaks. To get activated with this MTN 30 days data plan 10000 Naira for 40gb, text code 117 to 131.
It will last long for personal use and suitable for large files.

MTN 75GB Monthly Data Plan

Subscribe by texting 150 to 131 for MTN data plan 15000 Naira for 75gb valid for 30 days. This MTN data bundle is suitable for Small business establishments.

MTN 110GB Monthly Data Plan

To activate this MTN 110gb data plan, SMS code 149 to 131 for 20,000 Naira valid for 30 days.

Latest MTN 2-Months Data Plans Code

MTN 75GB 2-Months Data Plan

Purchase this internet data bundle in Nigeria for 20,000 Naira by SMS code 118 to 131 valid for 60 days.

MTN 120GB 2-Months Data Plan

You can share for friends and family through data gifting or suitable for installing large files. To activate the Code for MTN data plan 30000 Naira, text 138 to 131 valid for 60 days.

Latest MTN 3-Month Data Plans (Quarterly Plans)

MTN 150GB 3-Month Data Plan

This internet bundle is suitable for heavy browsing activities. To subscribe to 50000 Naira MTN 90 days’ data plan for 150gb, Text 133 to 131.

MTN 250GB 3-Month Data Plan

This quarterly package offers more value. The code for MTN data plan 75000 Naira, text 134 to 131 for 90 days.

Latest MTN Yearly Data Plans Codes

MTN 400GB Yearly Data Plan

This is the lowest annual data bundle. To purchase an MTN data plan Yearly subscription for 120000 Naira, SMS Code 156 to 131 to get started valid for 365/366 days.

MTN 1000GB Yearly Data Plan

Subscribe by texting 136 to 131 with the price of 250,000 Naira valid for 365/366 days.

MTN 2000GB Yearly Data Plan

Text Code 137 to 131 to subscribe at 450,000 Naira valid for 365/366 days.

The above are the current MTN data bundles and subscription codes in Nigeria for 2020. So you can go ahead to examine the cheapest data plan suitable for your internet browsing activities.

MTN Nigeria Data Plan Bonus Code

Bonuses are usually given on any of the above data packages. To check your MTN data Bundle bonus, dial *556*63# for a popup or message reply.

MTN Data Plan Balance Check Code

Dial *131*4# or text 2 to 131 to check your MTN Data plan balance

MTN Nigeria Unlimited Data Plan

I know you are looking for MTN data plan unlimited but there is nothing of such currently in Nigeria. Simply dial *131# to know more about the cheapest data plan on MTN.

However, you are definitely going to make use of your activated MTN data plan till it gets to the expiration date of the plan or you may exhaust it before the date then your internet browsing service will stop working.

MTN Social Media Bundles (Goodybag Social)

  • Facebook Weekly Plan – Text FBW to 131 for 25 Naira MTN data plan valid for 7 days
  • Facebook Monthly Plan – Text FBM to 131 for 60 Naira MTN data plan valid for 30 days
  • WeChat Weekly Plan – SMS Code WCW to 131 for MTN 25 Naira data plan valid for 7 days
  • WeChat Monthly Plan – SMS Code WCM to 131 for MTN 60 Naira data plan valid for 30 days
  • WhatsApp Weekly Plan – SMS Code WAW to 131 for 25 Naira MTN data plan valid for 7 days
  • WhatsApp Monthly Plan – SMS Code WAM to 131 for 60 Naira MTN data plan valid for 30 days

How to Activate Internet Browsing Setting on MTN

With modern technology, mobile phones, internet modem or router are pre-configured to access the internet from first use, but you may also manually configure your device if not properly configured by using the settings below.

Account name: MTN GPRS
Access point name (APN):
IP Address:
Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
Username: web
Password: web

It is recommended you use Port 8080 on your mobile phone it supports only WAP. Most times, when purchased from any of the MTN service centers it comes with internet settings.


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