Is Buhari still Alive

The recent  happenings in Nigeria has caused many to ask this question ; do we actually have a President? Is Buhari still alive?

Can a President be alive and witness his country falling apart and say NOTHING to encourage or inspire his people? And if he is not alive who is the person in the Villa running the affairs of our nation?


As the #EndSARS Protests get intensified, leading to the country been tensed , Fear everywhere, some parts witnessing curfews, mob rule, mass murder, burning & anarchy. Children killed by soldiers. Traditional  rulers chased out of palaces by thugs yet our President has not said ONE word.


GoldenNewsNg gathered some reaction to the above question.

  1. reacting to the above Femi Fani-kayode stated that The only reason I believe we may still have a President is because the President of Ghana @NAkufoAddo said he spoke to him yesterday and that they discussed the deteriorating state of our nation. What we do not know is whether he spoke to the real Buhari or to an imposter.
  2. A man whose name was not disclose stated that ; the news of President Buhari’s death is still baffling the mind of people.                                                              Is the APC party hiding something from the Public?                                              he also went further to publish a death certificate claiming that it the death certificate of president Buhari
President Buhari death certificate
President Buhari death certificate


What do you think of president Buhari ?

Is he really dead like the people claim?


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