Marketing your law firm

Marketing your law firm : In 2009, the legal field formally got over-soaked. After ten years, the heft of law firms are as yet feeling the pattern, which has interpreted adversely for accomplices twoly: It’s presently harder to get ideal customers, and there’s fiercer rivalry generally advantageous and the most brilliant new talent.


I know this since I continue having a similar discussion with law firm accomplices and senior lawyers. It goes this way:

“My law firm can’t discover enough great customers/new talent.”

That summarizes it.

It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why most law rehearses are searching for better approaches to get more customers and charm the best enlists. Prepare to be blown away. You can do both of those things with the correct lawyer advertising methodologies, explicitly advanced promoting.

What is “law firm advertising”? At the point when you market your law firm online effectively, you’re getting two things done: You’re putting yourself up front of both expected new customers and possible new ability, and you’re driving them through the purchaser’s channel to contact and recruit you. The lone admonition is that contending law firms are likewise getting on to the requirement for advanced advertising, so you need to pull in customers and volunteers, yet additionally beat and outclass your rivals.

On the off chance that you’ve ended up asking “How would I get new customers for my law firm?” or “How might I improve legitimate ability?” I’m here to make all the difference.

Marketing your law firm

The most effective method to Market a Law Firm in 2021

Law firm advertising used to be less complex. Beside references, most lawyers’ promoting procedure comprised of a couple of print advertisements, announcements, and TV plugs that consistently appeared to follow a similar content (“were YOU unreasonably harmed and need COMPENSATION?!?”).

The game has changed.

Your intended interest group presently goes through at any rate 8 hours online a day, and when they need a lawyer, 97% of them head to Google rather than the Yellow Pages. Over 70% of them want to get their inquiries replied and find out about your law firm through online articles instead of advertisements, and they habitually do their examination on a cell phone.

Set up each one of those, and there are some key lawyer promoting procedures that will assist you with drawing in and convert new customers and new ability, just as outflank and outclass contending law firms. They are:

  1. Turn your law firm’s website into a 24/7 sales representative
  2. Invest in content marketing and SEO for lawyers
  3. Expand your online footprint beyond your website with video marketing, PPC, social media, and local SEO
  4. Manage your reputation and use your online presence as a recruitment tool
  5. Track, measure, and analyze everything
  6. #3 – Local SEO – Get into the “Google 3-Pack”

  7. Generate Content for SEO

  8. Advertise Your Law Firm On Google Ads (PPC)

  9. Boost Your Client Reviews With Automation

  10. Email Marketing:


    How can you warm up your audience? One way is with email marketing.

    Benefits include:



    You control your email list. But, you don’t control other platforms (e.g. social media and Google). So, what would you do if Facebook or Google drastically changed its business model? Those 10,000 Facebook followers might disappear. What would you do?

    That’s why businesses are turning to email. It’s one of the few things we can control. Building an audience is tough. Do everything you can to sign them up to your email list.


    Email is still a great platform for selling products and services. In fact, it’s generally more effective than social media. Like, substantially more effective. That’s why every half-decent retail store is fighting for your address. The big players understand how essential email marketing is. Law firms are also getting in on the action.

    Here’s what you’ll need to get started with email marketing

    • A system to sign people up to your list
    • A system where you communicate with your list

    Please set a regular schedule. Consistency is key.

    Topics can include:

    • Links to the most recent blogs
    • What’s been happening at your law firm? Provide news and updates
    • Commentary on a recent court decision or ruling
    • Frequently-asked-questions by your target audience

    Main goals of law firm email marketing:

    • Stay top-of-mind
    • Generate referrals
    • Warm-up leads
    • Build your email list. (Tip: Would you like to sell your business one day? A large and engaged email list has significant proprietary value. Get started now. By the time you’re ready to sell, you’ll be glad you go into the game).
  11. Law Firm Social Media Marketing:

    I’m really excited about social marketing for law firms. The main reason is that there’s an untapped marketplace. Why? Too many law firms aren’t even using social media. Or, they’re not taking it seriously. This makes it easier for LegalSites to help our clients succeed on social media.

    Here’s some quick advice.

    Never place all your eggs in one basket.

    Social media is an extension of your overall law firm marketing strategy.

    Focus on these platforms

    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook

    Get professional photos

    Content, content, content.

    Approach a photographer and arrange a session. Get a bunch of photos that can be used for a variety of purposes. In other words, get shots in generic/non-specific locations. These should also be usable on your website.

    You’ll be glad you invested the time and money. It’s never been more affordable to get professional photos.

    I suggest you do your shoot early in the morning or at sunset.

    Boost/Advertise posts that perform well

    Throw money at a winner. So, if your post performs well without money, it will perform even better with money behind it.

    Don’t advertise a post that performed poorly. The ROI will be underwhelming.




    Frequently asked questions about law firm marketing

    how much do law firms spend on marketing?

    Most law firms spend $1000 to $3000 per month on law firm marketing services. Some law firms spend upwards of $8000 per month. And larger law firms spend even more. It depends on the size of your law firm, challenges and objectives.

    how to get new clients for law firm?

    There are many ways to get new clients for a law firm. Including referrals, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more. A combination of all these strategies usually works best.

    how much do law firms spend on google ads?

    Most law firms spend at least $1000 per month on ad spend. This money is paid to Google for the ads. For best results, law firms usually hire a professional law firm marketing agency to handle the campaign management. Prices usually start at $500 per month for a reputable law firm marketing agency.

    how to promote a law firm?

    There are many ways to promote a law firm. Including referrals, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more. A combination of all these strategies usually works best.

    how much do law firms spend on SEO?

    Most law firm SEO agencies charge $1000 to $3000 per month for SEO services. Prices vary depending on the law firm size, challenges and objectives.

    how to get clients as a lawyer?

    There are many ways to get clients as a lawyer. Including referrals, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more. A combination of all these strategies usually works best.

    how to get your first client as a lawyer?

    Most law firms get their first clients through referrals and networks. But it’s also essential that your law firm invests in a high-quality law firm website. Don’t forget SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and other law firm marketing strategies

I’ll go through every lawyer marketing strategy and the individual strategies you can use leverage it.

Before the end of this article, you ought to have a pleasant rundown of tasks—and to-don’ts—for your law company’s promoting plan.

Marketing your law firm


Do you like to play Russian Roulette? Since that is actually the thing you’re doing when you purchase leads for lawyers. Here’s the reason:

  1. You have no control over the quality of leads you get
  2. Number of leads is unreliable
  3. You don’t know how the advertising is actually done, meaning you could attach your name to some unsavory practices
  4. Ethics issues: You know better than I the Model Rule 7.2 and its Comment 5, which specifically prohibits (1) paying anyone to recommend a lawyer’s services, (2) fee splitting with non-lawyers, and (3) misleading the public. The New Jersey Committee on Attorney Advertising recently (2018) issued an opinion stating pay per lead ads for lawyers are not inherently unethical but need to conform to professional standards.

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