Paul Pogba Gave An Interview He Analysed His Current Form And Justified The Drop In His Performance Last Year

Liverpool and Manchester United meet this Sunday in a key match in the fight for the Premier League title, as whoever wins will be placed at the top of the table.

Paul Pogba, on the occasion of the meeting, gave an interview in ‘Sky Sport’ in which he revealed what is his current state: “I feel good physically and mentally. I play and I’m fit. Obviously, the team is helping me. They trust me. I just have to concentrate on myself on the pitch, no matter where I play, I give my best”.

“I hate being on the bench, I don’t like it. I am a winner, I want to play and help the team. And when I’m on the bench and I don’t get in, I feel bad,” added the player.

In addition, Pogba justified the decline in his performance last season: “It was difficult and strange. Last season was difficult for me, with injuries. Some people didn’t really know that I was playing injured, with a double fracture, trying to give everything.

“Coming back after the operation was like having a new ankle, it was strange. I tried to come back as best I could. And then I had COVID-19. I wasn’t at my best. The team wasn’t at its best, but little by little we’ve come back to a good level,” he added.

The French midfielder also wanted to leave a message for those who criticise him: “I will always be myself. People have to understand that. I’m not going to change, it’s me. Whether you like me or not, that’s me, Paul. Some people like me, others don’t.”

“I think about the people I make happy, the people I make smile. People who don’t like me, who criticize my way of playing, who criticize my hairstyle, who say I’m expensive, it doesn’t matter, that’s their opinion. Leave it there, it makes me want to work more. So I thank them,” he concluded.

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