Thierry Henry Spoke About His Failure

Thierry Henry, coach of FC Montreal, analysed his time at Monaco, which was both his first experience on the bench and his first failure. The Frenchman took it well and assured that he learned from that stage of his career.

For Henry, his time in Monaco was not a failure, but a key stage in learning. The coach of FC Montreal, in an interview with ‘Sofoot’, spoke about this first adventure in the world of coaching, which did not go very well. He also gave some tactical hints.

“It’s like everything else: you either win or you learn, and I’ve always learned much more with difficulty than with ease. When you’re hard, you know what you’re made of. When everything is easy and you win 8-0, everyone wants the ball. When you’re losing 1-0 or drawing 0-0, it’s not the same,” he explained.

“In Monaco, I learned, as I learned this year and as I learn every day. Now, I am talking to you, but, next year, I will tell you something different. I can be sure of a tactic tonight and tell you, two months from now, ‘oops, not really’,” added the coach, who is more focused on Ligue 1.

More on the tactical level, he said: “As a coach, you can have ideas, but above all you have to adapt to the players you have, but also to the team you are facing. When you’re Bayern or Manchester City, everyone adapts to you, obviously.

“I don’t think there is an exact science. Some people will tell you otherwise, that they will stick with their 4-4-2, but I try to adapt and learn. This season, for example, we had imagined something with the squad, then we had to change according to departures, injuries, player profiles…” he concluded

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