Hot Gist ! KayanMata seller Miwa pregnant for Herbalist
Photo Source: GistLoverupdate

Nigerian Kayanmata  seller popularly known as queen Miwa Signature Palace is reportedly pregnant for an Herbalist.


GoldenNewsNg gathered that the Herbalist is the CEO of popular product ”Kolaq Alagbo”.

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Kayanmata seller queen Miwa is pregnant for Herbalist Kolaqalagbo.

Kolaqalagbo is married and also has a baby mama whom their elaborate wedding plans are underway.

Miwa is not aware of the plans as he has convinced her the lady is just a baby mama and also because he has done small things on Miwa’s head (nikkai).

Following this hot gist,Queen Miwa fans have been thrown into confusion which has led to them questioning her;


  • I thought Kayanmata gives you power over men plus will help you snag the best of the best in terms of pocket and character.
  • if kayamata is really powerful as you claim, why didn’t you get pregnant for a rich single guy who will love you
  • According to gistlover, kolaq has a lot of girlfriends before Miwa & will continue to have a lot more girlfriends even after Miwa which means it’s going to be a very long ride
  • why break another woman’s home ? when you claim to have the power to attract men

    Furthermore, a popular blog on Instagram has taken upon itself to drag Queen Miwa, Kolaqalagbo and Jaruma .

    According to GistLover;

    Miwa is a home wrecker who caused another woman pains,all the lie about her not knowing that Kolaq is married,I no believe am,Kolaq is quiet popular with his wandering manhood,so lying that she doesn’t know says a lot about how mean and dirty she is,

    I mean you can’t come from nowhere just to scatter somebody’s home and be claiming kayanmata nonsense.

    Kayanmata that can’t catch  rich single men,is that one kayanamata?
    Be opening Puna up and down for people’s husband,God forbid🤮🤮🤮

    If Kayanmata was working,you won’t see them selling good luck product up and down on Instagram and hustling with their Puna to the extent of getting pregnant for married man,

    Wahala for Puna wey no fit resists Married man o,Be looking for ready made up and down,drops pen.i come in peace


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