Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has expressed doubts concerning the latest charges made against Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas a.k.a Hushpuppi.

The US Department of Justice in a statement revealed that Hushpuppi was laundering money from a Maltese bank and he did this for North Koreans. This revelation had sparked comments online because of the heftiness of this charge.

Olunloyo expressed concerns that the US government may be trying to blame North Korean hackers in a bid to build their case. Last year, she had made a video where she alleged that Hushpuppi laundered money for Romanians and that he has been whisked to the US.

Commenting on the issue via her official Twitter page on Saturday, February 20, Olunloyo said that the US is an enemy of North Korea and they may be trying to use this to get to them. She also stressed that she was the only journalist who uncovered that the US government whisked Hushpuppi to their country.

The 56-year-old, however, agreed that Hushpuppi’s case is very mind boggling and she’s trying to uncover it.

The tweets read;

“Remember my video last year stating HushPuppi allegedly laundered money for Romanian hackers? US justice department says they were North Korean. This case is mind boggling when trying to unravel all the players. As an Investigative Journalist, I’m trying.

“I was the only Journalist that told you that he was whisked to the US via extraordinary rendition for internet fraud and BEC schemes when the MSM was telling you he’s been extradited to Nigeria. Are the US feds using North Korean hackers to build their case? US is an enemy of NK

See tweets below;


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