The Founder of the One Love Family Sect, Satguru Maharajji real name Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim has ‘prescribed’ a solution that will end corruption in the Nigerian government.

Maharajji has said that government officials should be forced to swear before the traditional gods like, Ifa, Ogun and Ogun, so they would avoid carrying any corrupt activities while in office.

While speaking at a National News Conference on Saturday, February 20, the spiritual leader said that the traditional wats will serve as checks and balances for government activities. He stated that the gods will be very swift in executing punishment for crimes, equity and justice.

According to him, the knowledge of fear will make the leaders and even citizens to be upright in their dealings. They would also be held accountable for their actions.

In his words;

“Sango and our traditional gods in oath swearing in courts and inaugural ceremonies to avoid corruption completely. People swear with the Bible and Quran and get away unpunished for mismanagement of human and material resources, fraud and scandals that discourage the society. This has led to the destruction of many families and industries.

“So, if people who are entrusted with public positions are made to swear by our indigenous gods, you will see things work because we have our traditional divine ways that put checks and balances. The government should consider this.

“It is the practical thing put down by our ancestors. This traditional process will make our leaders to be on their guard because the gods are swift in executing punishment for crime and injustice, working with equity and justice.

“The knowledge and fear of this will make our leaders and indeed Nigerians,  to be upright in their dealings, serving with honesty and a sense of purpose, being accountable for their actions.”

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