BREAKING: CBN introduces new charges for USSD services

Nigerians react as  CBN Governor describes cryptocurrencies as  activities of players from the “dark world” in viral video.


It would be recalled that in a letter addressed to all Deposit Money Banks (DMBs), Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) and other institutions, the CBN said it had placed a ban on all transactions on cryptocurrency.

The controversy-courting decision, which caught Nigerians unaware, was announced in a letter on Friday, February 5. Read Letter Here

See the video of CBN Governor briefing on cryptocurrency that got him trending

Morris Monye said:

I don’t think the CBN Governor  fully understands the concept of money…. But hey, he can do no wrong. He is the CBN Governor.” A Twitter user Aqualady reacted: “This is what our CBN Governor has to say about Cryptocurrency,are we really moving forward or backward Nigeria?”


CBN Governor banned crypto transactions with Nigerian banks because money created out of thin air and the idea of DECENTRALIZATION doesn’t sit right with him, this country is a badly written joke.



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