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Check out How To Upgrade Your Poor N-Power Test Score .

This post created by GoldenNewsNg will guide you on how to upgrade your N-power test score if your performance is low or poor.

Three (3) attempts are made available for every N-power applicant to take test on NASIMS portal. This means, they are entitled to take the test for three times, provided they did not submit. Sadly, many applicants don’t know about the 3 attempts.

How to upgrade N-Power test score if your performance is low

To upgrade your Npower test score you have to be very smart, and it can only be possible when you did not submit the test after writing it. So, if you’re writing the test for the first time, do not submit it if you think your selected answers are not 50% correct . There are still two attempts left for you, and they usually come with simpler questions. This is what we’ve observed.

The first attempt questions are usually harder when compared to the second and third attempt. Though you won’t know your score until final submission, but as a graduate you should be able to know your expected score, which if low, don’t submit instead retake the test.

So, if you are convinced that your answers cannot  give you a good score, avoid submitting the test, rather click on “Retake test”, and the whole process will reshuffle, giving you another opportunity to upgrade your score.



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