How To Select New Npower Programme In Your LGA on Nasims Portal (Guide)

Npower Cut off mark for 2021 Batch C test has been revealed.

GoldenNewsNg learnt that the NPower Cut off mark for Batch ‘C’ online test is the minimum mark required to get through the next stage of selection process on Npower programme.

This is to  inform and not to mislead you that the official Npower cut off mark for Batch ‘C‘ test has not been officially announced.
Although, the Npower pass mark is 40%, but applicants are expected to score at least 70% and above to have higher chance of being shortlisted. checkout  How To Upgrade Your Poor N-Power Test Score

The shortlisting process is usually done after the online test , whereby applicants who score more than the cut off mark will be selected (shortlisted), and those score below are discarded. 5 things Npower Batch C Applicants must do to be shortlisted

It may also interest you to know that the N-power test is a very competitive exam, and quite different from any other exams that you must have written in your school. In school exams, you compete with yourself to make good grades, but when it comes to N-power or other competitive exams like UTME or Post UTME , you compete with other applicants, and Your success depends on how many people that you score higher than in that particular exam.



Note: The N-power Batch ‘C’ test is a competitive exam where you are competing with over 6 million registered applicants across Nigeria, in which only best 1,000,000 people will be taken. Therefore, the higher your test score, the higher your chances of been shortlisted.


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