NPower News Today Friday, June 11th 2021

Why some applicants can’t do Biometrics for N-Power

The N-Power verification process,  Most applicants are concerned because their fingerprints have not yet been registered.

fingerprint enrollment

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I work as a computer operator in a cybercafe and have successfully assisted more than a dozen people in compiling biometric data.

Some applicants believe that because your score is high, you can participate in the process; It’s not really. I remember I wasn’t able to catch some of the people who hit 70-95.

As soon as I reached their profile, I did not find a place for biometric information. Still showing “check later”.

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I don’t want those angry applicants to be confused. Nasima knows what he is doing.

This is not a one man campaign. It includes every smart person he needs. They have their own special way of selecting candidates.

Remember that even the university does not admit how high your UTME score is.

They also take into account the number of entrants and usually you don’t even get the course you applied for.

We can’t tell the horse’s mouth exactly when the process will end.

fingerprint enrolment 2

There are rumors on the internet that the last date for submission of biometric data is June 6. I don’t believe it because most required applicants are still having trouble viewing their NASIMS profile.

Nasimz is a program for the unemployed, so I’m sure they will consider those who are trying to take advantage of the opportunity.

Deadline For Npower Batch C Biometrics Verification 2021

I once sent a letter to a Nassis complaining about slow access to their site. They promised to take part in my complaint, but they did not. They are still pulling their legs.

Applicants who have not yet seen the biometrics should be patient with NASIMS. They claim to upload other names anyway. You will see your name at certain times.

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