N570 to $1: Buhari Set to Sack Godwin Emefiele as CBN Governor

Following the new exchange rate N570 to $1, Buhari Set to Sack Godwin Emefiele as CBN Governor.

GoldenNewsNg report that Concerned Nigerians have lamented the current high exchange rate between naira and the dollar.


Nigerians have called for the sack of Godwin Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN over the depreciating value of the naira against the dollar.
Deji Adeyanju, popular human rights activist, made the call on Twitter, saying Emefiele is destroying Nigeria’s economy.
Adeyanju claimed that the CBN governor was destroying Nigeria’s economy through his bad monetary policies.
In a tweet, the convener of Concerned Nigerians lamented the current high exchange rate.
According to Adeyanju, $1 to N570 is unacceptable.
“Sack Emefiele now to save the Naira. He is destroying the Nigerian economy with bad monetary policies.
“It’s unacceptable that $1 is now N570. Emefiele is destroying the economy,” he tweeted.


  1. So sack is your solution. You should have told us what you think he should have done but refused to do it. And not that he should be sacked as the solution to the problem.

    I expected him to have been sacked when asked banks to stop receiving dollar deposits that led to the problems now.

    I think the restrictions on BDC is a good one, and the current hick in the dollar exchange rate is understandable and will normalise with time.

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