Dollar to Naira exchange rate today 3 October 2021

How much is Dollar to Naira Today Wednesday 22 Sept 2021? aboki fx dollar rate can be accessed below:

How much is Dollar to Naira Today Wednesday 22 Sept 2021 ?  Bank rate / aboki rate. Following the trend on Nigerian Currency , You might want to ask, how much is dollar in nigeria black market today?  Here GoldenNewsNg will also take you through to see GBP to Naira and EUR to Naira today.

How much is Dollar to Naira Today? If you have dollars now in Nigeria, you are a rich . See the current dollar to Naira exchange rate as of today.

We compare the Dollar to Naira bank rate vs aboki rate.

GoldenNewsNg learnt that Dollar to naira exchange bank rate is far lower than the dollar to naira aboki rate. Obviously, The exchange rate in banks is different from the exchange rate in the parallel market. See the details below. Dollar to Naira Today

How much is Dollar in Nigeria black market today?

Following the trend on Nigerian Currency , You might want to ask, how much is dollar to naira in black market today? Well, according to report gathered, the currency closed at N565.00 and N571.00 per $1 at the black market as of today 22/09/2021. The black market is highly disrupted as a result of a ban on AbokiFX.

How much is naira to dollar in black market today? Many of the dealers said they have struggled to trade after, a website that collates parallel market rates in Lagos, stopped publishing parallel market rates on Friday, after the Central Bank of Nigeria threatened its owner.

How much is dollar to naira black market? “A lot of the big players are finding it difficult to trade because abokiFX no longer displays exchange rates anymore.

How much is a dollar to naira in the black market? We now sell based on how we buy. There’s a likelihood that naira might appreciate further by tomorrow because the price of the dollar keeps fluctuating throughout today,” a dealer told PREMIUM TIMES.

Additional Data on Exchange Rate of Dollar To Naira in Black Market Today?

PREMIUM TIMES reports that forex dealers in Uyo and Abuja on Tuesday said the currency closed at N565.00 and N571.00 per $1 at the black market.

According to a report from TheCable reports 20/09/2021, Naira trades N575/$1 at the parallel market.

“Checks by TheCable showed that the naira currently exchanges N575 to the dollar at three different markets in Lagos, the country’s commercial nerve centre.”

“At Ikeja, currency traders told TheCable that the dollar exchanges N575 while they purchase at N567/$1, leaving a gain of N10.”

“At Eko Hotel, traders sell at N578/$1, depending on the volume of the dollar a customer is willing to buy.”

“At the Marina BDC market, close to the Lagos branch of the CBN, the currency trades at the same rate.”

The dollar to naira rate at the window is about N410/$ but in the black market it is far down to a gap of about N160 between the official window and the parallel mark.


The Nigeria parallel market (black market dollar exchange rate today) to the Nigerian Naira is as follows: For the Lagos market (Ogba and Ikeja market).

Pounds to Naira Today – GBP to Naira Today

Euro to Naira Today

How much is Dollar to Naira Today Wednesday 22 Sept 2021? ( Dollar to Naira CBN Rate today )

See the official dollar to naira government rate today.


Dollar to naira black market rate

The dollar to naira black market rate is higher than the official CBN rate. You will know the official back market rate in the streets. That is, if you have dollars that you want to exchange dollars for naira (sell), the amount is determined by the person who have the dollar to exchange for you. On the other hand, if you want to exchange naira to the dollar (buy), the amount could also be high. Dollar to Naira Today

This is the dollar to naira exchange rate in the streets. It’s also called dollar to naira rate in the parallel market or dollar to naira Aboki rate. Black market money exchangers are local BDC street retailers found in almost all states in Nigeria.

How much is Dollar to Naira Today Wednesday 22 Sept 2021? ( Dollar to naira parallel market )

What is aboki exchange rate in Nigeria today? The exchange rate of Dollar to Naira Today is minimal. If you have a dollar to change with Aboki, make sure you confirm the dollar to naira bank rate today so that you will not be cheated. From the table above, you can see that the dollar to naira black market rate is N495.

As of today, the exchange rate dollar to naira black market is different from the bank rate which is N411/$. According to Morningstar, one United States Dollar equals 411.00 Nigerian Naira.

Just recently, the Central Bank of Nigeria devalued the naira by 7.6% against the dollar. This has weakened Naira to a four-year low in the parallel market after the central bank’s efforts to coax banks to sell more dollars to customers failed to bridge the widening gap between the official and street rates. Dollar to Naira Today

How CBN regulates Exchange Rates of Dollar to Naira today

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, the only recognised foreign exchange market in Nigeria is the Importers and exporters (I&E) FX window. This means that the dollar to Naira rate is not fixed as before.

What is the Importers and exporters (I&E) FX window Rate

You might want to ask, what is I&E window meaning? Well, the I&E FX window is the market trading segment for investors, exporters and end-users that allows for FX trades to be made at exchange rates determined based on prevailing market circumstances.

Many banks in Nigeria buy and sell dollars using the I&E window rate. The benefit of the I&E Window rate is that it leaves a competitive market rate. As speculated, it also gives the opportunity to quote your own selling rate (willing buyer and willing seller).

What is the I&E fx window rate today? As we speak, the I&E window dollar to Naira rate is N412 per dollar.

Dollar rate in Nigeria bank (Data Source: CBN)

Dollar to Naira Fidelity Bank rate today


Currency Rate
USD/NGN 412.50
GPB/NGN 564.26
EUR/NGN 483.04

Moneygram Dollar to Naira Rate

Currency Rate
USD/NGN 412.50

Currently, Moneygram sends direct dollars to Nigeria without exchanging them for Naira.

First Bank Naira Exchange Rates

Currency Rate Date
USD ₦ 460 13/09/2021
GBP ₦ 650 02/09/2021
EUR ₦ 509 14/06/2021
CAD ₦ 316 01/05/2021
INR ₦ 5.80 01/05/2021
RUB ₦ 6.20 01/05/2021

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