A British Conservative Member of Parliament, Dehenna Davison has opened up about her sexuality in an interview with GB News, which is due to be broadcast on Monday (11 October).


The 28-year-old Bishop Auckland MP who recently split from her 63-year-old estranged husband who’s only eight years younger than her granddad, said she’s since been on dates with “a few nice girls, a few nice guys”.


It is believed to be the first time a female Tory MP has come out as bisexual. Daily Telegraph reported that the lawmaker who was first elected in 2019 as one of the Conservative “red wall” wins, said;


 “I’ve known that I’m bisexual for quite a lot of years. All my close friends and family know.

“If anyone were to explicitly ask me, I certainly wouldn’t try and hide it because I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of.

“The reason I haven’t done a kind of, ‘by the way, guys’ is because I don’t want being bi to be considered a big deal.

“If I did a very public kind of coming out parade, that would be me saying there’s something really unusual about this and trying to make a big deal of it when to me it’s not. It’s just part of who I am.”

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