The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) on Monday addressed Nigerians who have come out to condemn the viral video of teachers of an Arabic school in Kwara State seen flogging a female student.

According to Professor Ishaq Akintola, director of MURIC, the grouo doesn’t subscribe to severe torture but the students needed to be punished for going against the teachings they received from their teachers.

It would be recalled that the video of the teachers scolding the ‘wayward’ scholars in Kwara State went viral on social media last weekend. The students had several bruises across their bodies which infuriated Nigerians.

Despite criticism from Kwara State indigenes, the director of MURIC stated that the students needed to be punished so as to stop them from badly influencing other students and become better people in the community.

In the statement published on Monday morning, Akintola said;

“While we regard the punishment meted to the students as too harsh, we maintain that the action of the school authorities should not be judged in isolation. The fact that the parents requested the school to discipline their children must not be ignored.

MURIC is also in possession of another video in which the students confessed that they engaged in shameful and unIslamic actions, namely, visiting a club, drinking alcohol, bathing themselves with alcohol, etc. These are horrible acts in which ordinary Muslims must not be involved

Arabic schools are the repository of morality and the vault of uprightness. They are the conscience of the Ummah. The offence committed by those students becomes more unacceptable when the actors are students of an Arabic school who are expected to be the epitome of morality and religiosity

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