A 23-year-old Kenyan student has been charged with stealing a phone worth Sh143,000, cash, and passport all valued at Sh262,440 from her boyfriend.


Veronica Njeri is accused of stealing the phone, a wallet containing USD800 and Sh30,000, and a passport from Sierra Leone diplomat, Kabba Ibrahim on November 8 jointly with another accomplice at large at Black Rose apartments.

Njeri, a third-year student at a local private university, is said to have called Ibrahim whom she’d just met two days earlier, and informed him that she was drunk at a nearby entertainment joint and needed help.


Ibrahim drove to the club in a cab and met Njeri in the company of a woman she introduced as just a friend.


He took both of them to his house in a cab and paid the cab driver who left immediately as he proceeded to his house with his two-day girlfriend

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