Jill Biden promotes Covid vaccines and takes part in political rallies — but only when her college professor schedule allows.

In her quiet way, Jill Biden is reinventing the traditional role of the First Lady of the United States.

Attending a former governor’s funeral last week, President Joe Biden had to apologize for his wife’s absence.

“The reason Jill is not with me today is she’s teaching today, full-time as a professor at Northern Virginia Community College,” the president said.

The announcement in September that the first lady was resuming face-to-face instruction at her college made headlines in the American press.


Never before had a presidential spouse had a professional career outside the White House.

Jill Biden, now 70, married Joe Biden in 1977, when he was a widowed senator with two young boys. The couple later had a daughter together.

A member of the national teachers’ union with a doctorate degree in education, Jill Biden continued teaching while her husband served as vice president under Barack Obama

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