China has warned the United States after four Democrats and one Republican lawmaker landed in Taiwan to meet the Island’s president.


The lawmakers called the visit ‘a show of support’ after traveling to South Korea to serve stationed US troops Thanksgiving dinner


Taiwan has been self-ruled since splitting from mainland China during a civil war in 1949, but China considers the island part of its own territory and wants to reclaim it by any means necessary.


Following the visit, the Chinese foreign ministry said Beijing had lodged stern communication to the US over the visit.


Do not play the Taiwan card, it is a bad card and a losing hand - China warns US after American lawmakers pay visit to Taiwan

‘We advise some people in the United States not to play the Taiwan card, because it’s a bad card, and a losing hand,’ Zhao Lijian, a spokesman at the foreign ministry, said on Friday, November 26 at a regular media briefing.

“The United States should abide by the one China policy and immediately stop official exchanges with Taiwan in any form, and clear any obstacles for Sino-U.S. relations in advance”, Zhao warned.

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