Woman Calls Her Boyfriend A One Minute Man On The Internet.

Woman Calls Her Boyfriend A “One Minute Man” On The Internet

A viral video of a woman calling her boyfriend a “one minute man” has surfaced on the internet.

In the video, the lady was seen reporting her lover to the world on how he was a ‘minute man’ after they just finished having sex.

She said he promised to shift her womb before the sex but failed to do so.

The lover on his part blamed his ineffectiveness on the bed over malaria.

He said he wasn’t feeling too good and that was why he couldn’t ‘Knack‘ her very well & claim that he who run lives to fight another day

The lady however said she was so disappointed in her man and told him not to call her again.

GoldenNewsNg gathered that the lady is currently in search for any guy who can “shift her womb”. 

watch video HERE:


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