10 Profitable Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2022

This is a detailed guide on the Profitable Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2022.

We know the year is just getting started and a lot of you are thinking of a good skill to learn in 2022. so read on lets share some mind blowing ideas with you.

This article gives a thorough analysis of some top 10 profitable skills to learn in 2021. What is required to learn these skills are also elaborately discussed in this article.

Most of these skills are of great benefit both in the desired advancement within a professional career as well as in earning extra income.

There are so many Skills to Learn in Nigeria and be successful, but sometimes you may find it difficult to think of such skill thereby investing your time in the Non-profitable skill.

1. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

It  involves the process of helping  a seller of goods or service connect with prospective buyers who are interested in such goods and services.  In recent times, buyers can now be connected with sellers by digital marketers with the use of the internet.

Profitable Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2022


Most Profitable Skills to Learn online and make money

Digital marketing involves the use of electronic devices and digital media platforms to promote products and services for a commission.

Some of the top digital marketing platforms include Bytensize, CKDigital, Dodo, Street Toolz, Wild Fusion. Affiliate marketing platforms include Jumia affiliate, Konga affiliate, Bet9ja affiliate, PayPorte affiliate, Expertnaire, et cetera. These platforms provide resource material on how to learn about this skill and also how to optimize it.

To be successful in digital marketing, here are some specialized areas of digital marketing you need to focus on : affiliate marketing, Email direct marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce marketing, et cetera.

2. Money management & Investment: Money management refers to the processes of budgeting, saving, investing, spending, or otherwise overseeing the capital usage of an individual or group. The term can also refer more narrowly to investment management and portfolio management.

Having the knowledge to handle income is a very important skill today because there are various benefits that comes with it.

Most Profitable Skills to Learn to Make Money in 2022


Get it right, knowing how to manage our income is an important knowledge reason been that if  someone who knows and understands how to use his money to invest in assets like real estate, land, agriculture etc, is better than someone who only focuses on a single source of income.


3. Tech Skills: Tech skills are the abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks. They are practical, and often relate to mechanical, information technology, mathematical, or scientific tasks. Some examples include knowledge of programming languages, design programs, mechanical equipment, or tools.

Tech skills are more sought after in the world  of technological advancement more than most other skills. More industries are adopting the internet for the provision of goods and services. People are constantly leveraging on doing businesses online and raking in profits with the use of the internet. The world is gradually becoming a global village, as the difficulties of boundaries are now less felt than in the past.

10 Profitable Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2022


Most lucrative skills in the world


a. Software development:  This refers to all of those practices which combine software development with major IT operations. Software development involves building softwares that are tailored towards meeting a need or providing a solution.


High Income Skills You Can Teach Yourself

b. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence displayed by animals including humans

it is the use of machines in areas where humans previously dominated continues to be on the rise. These machines are now being developed to think like humans and react “rationally”. These machines are built to carry out tasks smartly, and learn along the line. Siri & Cortana is a good AI machine learning.


c. Fintech: This involves the intersection of finance and technology. Now new technological advancements now allow for ease of financial transactions over the internet. Concepts like Decentralized Financed (DeFi), mobile banking, among others are examples of what can be attained by this intersection.

d. Connected tech: This involves the development of tech products which can connect with the environment and record relevant data. It involves the development of smart watches, smart home product, health monitors, connected cars, et cetera.

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4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The strategies used in making a website or an article more visible so that it is moved up the search list by google is known as Search Engine Optimization.

This skill is on high demand as companies try to attract organic views to their products and services available on their websites. Getting google to direct persons interested in a topic to an article, or website or a particular page is what this skill is about.


5. Copywriting:  Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

There are so many people out there who naturally enjoy writing. In this current technological era we find ourselves, this interest can be transformed into income.

Copywriting involves developing good writing skills and selling it to interested clients. Copywriting may be for the purpose of writing to increase brand awareness, or writing with respect to a particular product or service. It covers a wide variety of writing for which a person may be paid.


The major types of copywriting including marketing copywriting, brand copywriting, social media copywriting, direct response copywriting, public relations copywriting, SEO copywriting, et cetera.

For a person interested in acquiring this skill, the following portfolio websites may be useful: Squarespce, Carbonmade, WordPress, Pressfolios, Writerfolio, et cetea. Relevant resource material can be accessed from these websites and the skills necessary to succeed as a copywriter learnt.

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6. Sales: There will always be people who are prepared to sell and those who are willing to buy. The place of sales in our society can never be emphasized enough. People go through series of sales transactions on a daily basis. Transacting on goods and services which they require for their livelihood.


High Income Skills You Can Teach Yourself

Building skills in the area of sales is one of the most attractive ways to earn currently. Sales job have very high commissions and potential earnings as salary. All a person needs to do is develop the interest in sales, read some good books, and rake in unimaginable profits and commissions from sales.

Some of the top sales job opportunities that can be accessed across different industries include: Field sales, IT sales, Pharmaceutical sales, Consumer goods sales, Media sales, among others. Virtually every industry has an aspect which a sales expert can occupy and dominate. Most top companies across the globe are constantly recruiting sales experts, as they understand the place of sales in conducting their business.

Sales job involves being good in communication. Communicating the strength of the product or service being sold. A strong understanding of the strength of the product is therefore imperative to have good sales. Also, a good understanding of human nature and how people tend to behave towards sales people and under what circumstances, people are going to get the sales is also very important. A good personality and right attitude towards the deal being facilitated is also important to succeed in this area. There are numerous training guidelines, books and videos that can be accessed on the internet to get a good grasp of this skill.

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7. Blockchain: The blockchain is a centralized digital network, which allows for the safe storage of valuable information through a series of computer network. This means that valuable information is shared among a series of computers, making it difficult for such information to be accessed by unauthorized third parties.


Most Lucrative Skills You Can Learn

The Blockchain technology serves as the platform for cryptocurrency platforms and most digital currencies being developed by independent nations across the globe.

8. Design: This is one skill that has been on the steady rise in recent times. Ranging from UX designs to Graphic designs or visual designs. A designer basically applies his creativity in projects. There is no limit to how far a designer can go as in most instances, all that is required of him is a work that is astetically pleasing and which resonates deeply with those who come in contact with it.


High income skills to learn

The ability to design good work is an excellent skill for a person who wants to be self-employed and at the same time, earn good money. Also, as the skills of the designer improves and his reputation known, he is at liberty to increase his rates and even earn more.

A User Experience (UX) designer is a designer who focuses on interaction. He is concerned with designing of interaction between a user and a site which serves as user interface. UX design include designs like site navigation, functionality, etc. A graphic designer is however concerned with communicating information through the use of colours, images, and other graphical representations. Visual designers are concerned with communicating ideas through visualization. A visual designer thus focus on product and brand identity.

Designing skills in most instances require the use of software. Tjus a designer must be able to use software like Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign, etc. Learning about how best to use these software becomes very imperative.


9. Video Filming and Editing: Millions of videos are constantly being uploaded on the internet. These videos are uploaded for variety of reasons ranging from educational, academic, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. Hundreds of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every minute and the more videos are uploaded, the more there is a need to have these videos properly filed and edited. It is for this reason that a skill in video editing and filming cannot be emphasized enough.

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It is no doubt more effective to tell a story with the use of a video that with the use of pictures or texts. The best way to effectively have these videos is when they are expertly filed and edited. This skill has two interrelated arms: filming or editing.

Video filming is an area concerned with the original filming or recording of a video. This is usually the first step. In most instances, videos come out great only when a great job is done at this stage. Some areas of filing include: Film production, TV commercials, marketing videos, event videos, corporate videos, wedding videos, etc.

Video editing on the other hand is concerned with upgrading content which has been created. For this skill to be developed, efforts must be put into learning about industry-standard software and knowledge in the use of software such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop CS3, etc.


10. Foreign Language: This is another top skill that can be learnt in this current dispensation. As a result of globalization, people from different climes and country are in constant communication. Language continues to be a barrier in most instances, and getting to learn a foreign language and involve in interpretation and translation job can be a great skill to develople.


Best skills to learn this year

Knowledge of foreign language goes a long way to make a person stand-out even in his professional life. This always gives an edge to a person. So asides earning money as a translator, it is a great way to jeer up a resume. Also, this skill can be utilized in the aspect of proofreading translated documents, editing translated documents, etc.

A person interested in learning a foreign language will be required to first and foremost, pick a foreign language of choice. It could be any language, depending on the purpose of such pick. For instance, if such language is to be used for business, a foreign language largely used for business may be considered. But if s a person is interested in working as an interpreter after learning such language, the knowledge of languages with less knowledge across the globe may be more beneficial.

A lot of material can be found on the internet on leaning different foreign languages. It must be noted that foreign languages are better learnt when constantly practiced. This must be put into consideration when learning any foreign language.



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