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NASIMS Resumes Payment of Npower October Stipend After Temporal Pause

Following NPower News for today, NASIMS has resumed October Payment after a temporal pause.

GoldenNewsNg reports that Npower October Payment has commenced.

This online newspaper understands that NASIMS kicked off the payment of October to all Beneficiaries after a temporal pause.

The announcement was made available to all beneficiaries by Npower Management.

There has been high anticipation among beneficiaries over possible payment. Beneficiaries have successfully received just September payment from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Three Months of payment has been put on hold without any reason from the management. Many of the beneficiaries had thought they will receive the stipends before the 31st of December. The reverse happens to be the case for all beneficiaries in high hope to receive payment from the Federal Government of Nigeria.
NASIMS October Payment Commenced / Which Would NASIMS Pays Beneficiaries

NASIMS is ready to pay one monthly stipend to beneficiaries of the Programme. Though, NASIMS is owing beneficiaries whooping sum for three months.

NASIMS has in her custody three months for October, November and December.

An announcement was made to abreast all beneficiaries that only October payments will be paid to applicants. NASIMS made this available on their social media blog to keep beneficiaries updated. This has birthed trending information on different social media space since morning.
NASIMS October Payment Commenced / Payment Initiated

NASIMS has commenced the process of disbursing payment to all beneficiaries. This was contained in their memo on their social blog today to thousands of beneficiaries.

Evidences shows the process is in progress as beneficiaries tabs indicates payment process. Early in the New Year, beneficiaries could smile as payment would soon be disbursed to their respective payment account.
NASIMS October Payment Commenced / What Month is NASIMS Paying?

As stated, NASIMS will be paying stipend for just one month. This was clarified on their social media blog to thousands of beneficiaries on Friday.

The publication is opposed to three months payment beneficiaries are awaiting. Many of the beneficiaries had thought NASIMS would disburse stipends up to three. As such different calculations has been done by beneficiaries on how to spend three months stipends.

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